VMDSC 1.1.0

Last week (4/25/2022) we released an exciting new update to the Virtual Machine Desired State Configuration (VMDSC) VMware Fling (https://flings.vmware.com/virtual-machine-desired-state-configuration). This update includes several fixes and enhancements including a new feature that has been requested many times by customers since the Fling was originally released; the ability to specify Cores per Socket in addition to…Continue Reading “Configure VM Cores per Socket with Virtual Machine Desired State Configuration (VMDSC) 1.1.0”

Resource Pools

About a year ago I had a customer ask me if grouping VMs in Resource Pools could impact performance and after seeing Frank Denneman‘s recent blog (The public Shaming of Resource Pool-as-a-Folder User) I figured I would write up a quick explanation.  I generally recommend my customers stay away from resource pools if at all…Continue Reading “Performance Impacts from Grouping VMs in Resource Pools”